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Dear Sir;


With due respect to your office and your personality sir, it would be insane of me if I fail to congratulate you on your appointment as the Director General (DG) National Youth Service Corps few months ago by General Muhammadu Buhari (President Federal Republic of Nigeria).

Haven said that, this letter is necessitated and borne out of the untold suffering, heartache and hardship prospective corps members had encountered in the last few months since the beginning of the postponement saga. I felt obliged to tell you sir that a minute delay can result to a lifetime regret not to talk of spending almost a year at home anticipating for an inconsistent scheme called NYSC.

Sir, many have resigned from the menial work they use to keep the body and soul together with the believe that its about time to serve our Father's land. What sicken me most is our inability to secure a better employment without NYSC dispatch certificate which is being demanded from us by employers in many organizations and parastatals. More so, many prospective corps members can not further their education because of this delay.

It is pertinent to let you know that we are being forced to stay idle, and an idle hand they say is the devil's workshop. Our precious time is being wasted by awaiting an inconsistent system all because of our curiosity and ardent desire to serve our Father's land in humility, patriotism and good faith.

How long shall we continue to wait?
How long shall we continue to hope?
How long shall we continue to anticipate earnestly?
How long shall we be subjected to unwarranted impediment?

Our patience has gotten to its elastic limit. The hardship in Nigeria is so unbearable for us and it will be inhumane to be punishing the youth and leaders of tomorrow by promising them to continue to wait for what seems to be uncertain and this is not in the best interest of Nigeria graduates.

Sir, we can no longer wait for NYSC to determine the course of our future. As we are awaiting a new date yet to be fixed, it would be another rape on our right as Nigeria graduate if the time frame is so elongated than a week from now.

In lieu with this, as a concerned prospective corps member, I hereby urge and plead the management and staff of National Youth Service Corps headed by your good office to feel our pains and save our future by putting everything in place and in shape so that BATCH A STREAM II corps members can be camped in not more than a week time.

Sir, we know you to be a father and your magnanimous magnanimity is what we expect in this imbroglio in order to save our future because we are the leaders of tomorrow. A timely and urgent intervention is what we crave for. A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE.

God bless The Director General National Youth Service Corps.
God bless National Youth Service Corps
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Yours Sincerely
Comrade Alao John.
(A prospective corps member and a redefined activist)
Writes from the state of sober reflection.
Facebook: Comrade Alao John Damilola


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