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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Prospective corp members vows to stage protest against NYSC

After the recent postponement of the commencement of Orientation courses by NYSC from April 1st to April 27th, prospective corp members have therefore vowed to stage a Protest against the said authorities.

Various notifications and awareness have been trailing round various social media by some aggrieved prospective corp members to this effect. An example of such messages is shown below

"This is to inform all the Prospective Corp Members (PCM) that there will be a protest across all the NYSC state secrtariats including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Monday 11th of April due to the irrelevant and continuous postponement of the 2016 Batch A Camp Orientation dates without the necessary authorities giving us any reason for their decisions.

Readers should remember that we are the leaders of tomorrow and we all need to respond to this as we can only deliver this country from such ugly situations for the betterment of this country and our unborn children.

Thanks and please rebroadcast"

Some said the date is witnessing the postponement for the fourth time. We just hope this doesn't get out of hands

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