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Sunday, November 15, 2015

THE 7 Important Things About Sperm You Should Know...

If you think you know everything you need about
this bodily fluids, there are always facts that may
surprise you! Find out which are the 7 important
things about sperm that every man and woman should know!

1. Sperm is not without calories: Ejaculation liquid
is composed mostly of fruited and enzymes. One
cup of seeds is about five calories. It can be
compared with one olive.

2. Sperm is not the longest-running body
fluid: Spermatozoa are not as resistant to bacteria
and other germs. They die quickly if you are in a
cold, very hot, due to changes in pH or chemicals,
such as chlorine in the pool.

3. Permanent in the womb: Sperm can not survive
long in many situations, but the inside of the
stomach provides a good environment for them.
Spermatozoa can survive between five and seven
days and fertilize the egg. In the vagina retain only a
few hours.

4. Spermatozoa are not fighters: In fact, everyone
thinks that the sperm on its way to the egg is like a
lone wolf. But uterus helps the sperm to enter into
it, and therefore provides a stimulus.

5. Hot baths are slowing down spermatozoa: Male
fertility not only hamper the drugs, alcohol or
smoking. The complications provides hot baths or
car seats.

6. Spermatozoa crossing extremely long
way: Spermatozoa are very small! There is no
greater than 0.6 mm, and the way to the egg is
about 15 cm, which must pass. Transferred to
measure of a man of 1.80 m, it would be similar to
that he must pass a hike route of 5.5 km, and that is
quite far.

7. Not all spermatozoa are in shape!: Men do not
like to hear, but not all spermatozoa are directed
toward a goal. Although in one ejaculation go out
40-600 million spermatozoa, only half of them are
healthy and flexible. The rest of them does not
move or squirm uncontrollably.

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