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Monday, July 6, 2015

"My Promise to EKSU Students" by Awopeju Cosmas Shina a.k.a Engr China

Awopeju Cosmas Shina popularly known as "Engr China" is an aspirant of EKSU Student Union Presidency. He is the same Engr China who wrote an open letter to Gov Fayose on the reduction of EKSU School fees in 2014.

Students have been wondering how this dedicated aspirant is so popular despite the fact that he's presently on industrial training (SIWES) and other aspirants stay 24hours on campus.

Daily Gister had an interview with him and he had these to say:

I have not come promising to build castles in the ‎air like others, or promising to build bridges where there is no water like the conventional politicians.

"The welfare of the students is my utmost

We will engage the management in superior arguments on issues relating to the welfare of our students when necessary.


I enter into moral covenant with EKSUITES that the exorbitant charges of #1,750 as bank charges will enter into sudden grave of history when I become S.U.G President.

As a student of history and comparative analysis, no other higher institution in the Federation pay up to #1,750 as bank charges.

RUGIPO........................... #200
FUTA................................. #300
OOU...............................was #400 but now zero naira #0 because they make use of POS
ACE...................................... #500
AAUA..................................... #500
The figures above are based on empirical
evidence. Any one with contrary figure can
contest or counter the postulations.

On this note, I want EKSUITES to know that "it is better to die for something than live for nothing"

ENGR. CHINA is promising all EKSUITES that he will fight this unreasonable policy if voted in as the EKSU SU president.
The students' union shall be so accessible that ‎even without visiting the students union building, you can lodge your complains on a dedicated page on the internet and on our information boxes
that will be provided across faculty and be rest assured that within 48 hours, action shall be taken on your complains with or without your physical presence.

The S.U.G bus belongs to students and will be made available for any student with genuine reason of request.

This change will be felt in anywhere the name ‎EKSU is being pronounced, Part-Time Students (PTP) remain pivotal.

There shall be no time again that they won't be able to check their results after each
examinations due to unnecessary delay.

The Science Laboratory Technology shall
henceforth receive same quality treatments and attentions being given to the full time students.

That our University is becoming a world class ‎University is just like a plastic surgery on a very polluted inside. Let us say the truth and let the devil be ashamed.

We are still far from world Class University, until I can bring my friend from O.A.U and he/she request for "convenience" and I can point to one in my faculty and all other faculties in EKSU, I will refuse to believe. I promise to devote my time, our collective resources to this course.

Until then ‎can we say we have a University we all children of God can be proud of.

It is no more new that students have been in
total darkness for several months, though efforts ‎are on to restore electricity in the students environ, we shall ensure the situation of the electricity return to normalcy in no distant time.

Well-structured and ideologically grounded
students unionism is my priority. I promise to ‎always submit myself to the voice of Nigerian students.

This time, it is incumbent on us not only vote for radicalism but rationalism. We must vote out bossism, narcissm, nepotism, favoritism, facultirism, departmentalrism, hedonism and unanimously vote Collectivism in Rational Diplo-Radicalism.

Insha Allah, Insha Jesus, Insha Traditional, Insha Nigeria Students


I remain my humble self, AWOPEJU COSMAS
SHINA p.k.a ENGR CHINA, the originator and
progenitor of Collectivism in Rational Diplo-

EKSU S.U.G Presidential aspirant
400l, Computer Engineering.

Amandla Awethu!

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