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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ekiti APC lawmakers' suicide mission: How Fayose saved their lives yesterday

Yesterday, what could have been a calamity in Ekiti State was averted by Gov Fayose.

The APC lawmakers left Oshogbo for Ado Ekiti to carry out their evil impeachment plot without a single security man. Not even a "MAN O WAR" was with them.

The only security assurance they had was a middle rank police officer who promised to provide THREE POLICE HILUX VAN to convey them from Ekiti border to Ado Ekiti.

It was on the assurance of the police officer that they left Oshogbo for Ado Ekiti through Ilesha-Akure road.

On getting to Igbara Oke, they stopped and started calling the police officer, who refused to answer his calls. They had to move out of the buses that brought them and hid themselves behind houses in Igbara Oke.

Some of them had to hid in beer parlour, pretending to be taking drinks. A woman among them had to use a wrapper to cover her dress while placing a bucket beside her with the plan that in case of crisis, she will pick the bucket and pretend to be a local who was out to fetch water.

As they were hiding themselves in Igbara Oke, angry people of Ilawe, Igbara Odo and Ogotun were ready to move to Igbara Oke to attack them.

In fact, some had left before news got to the governor. He quickly swung into action, making frantic calls to community leaders in Ilawe, Igbara Odo and Ogotun to prevail on the angry youths not to go to Igbara Oke.

Governor Fayose's efforts saved the day as only God knows what would have happened if the angry youths had gone to Igbara Oke to meet the APC lawmakers.

Yet, these lawmakers still want to see Governor Fayose as an enemy that must be brought down.

Yesterday, Governor Fayose was able to prevail on the people, who are obviously angry with the APC lawmakers to allow them return to Oshogbo unhurt. But can it be guaranteed again that if the lawmakers make another move to invade Ekiti today or tomorrow that their tenure ends, the governor will able to control the people's angry reactions?

I am sure these lawmakers have wives, children and extended family members. Is it that no one is talking to them or they have become foolishly desperate that they no longer have any regard for their own lives?

If they still don't get the message, may be I should tell them again, coming to Ekiti to impeach Fayose is a SUICIDE MISSION.

Lere Olayinka
June 3, 2015.

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