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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mum and daughter divided after having sex with the SAME man


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The whole family was suffering after Leanne wanted her mother to own up to her interfering ways.

Jeremy Kyle cracks a joke at mum and daughter who shared the same partner

It was a case of keeping it in the family for a mother and daughter who shared a man.

Leanne admitted that her mother, Julie, had had a fling with her current partner before she got together with him.

Leanne said she had been told by partner, Chris, that there had been no sexual contact but Julie denied this and said the pair had had sex.

Telling the Jeremy Kyle show, the father of Leanne's child, Chris, thinks that her mother is jealous of their relationship.

Leanne wanted to work things out with her mother

According to Leanne, her mother was on drugs and had sent abusive threats to her partner.

But Julie viciously denied the accusations screaming: "I ain't on drugs. I'll do a drugs test!"

Julie was joined by her daughter Charlotte who she had previously argued with on another Jeremy Kyle show but had now seemingly made up.

Julie was fuming at Leanne's accusations

The younger daughter wanted the family to repair their relationship but host Jeremy was quite flabbergasted at Charlotte now taking sides with her mother.

Charlotte said: "People make mistakes in life and we're not all perfect."

She claimed she was getting abuse of Leanne and her other sister Stacy, who was sat in the audience.

Julie was quite vocal about Leanne's accusation that her mother would do anything to control her own children's lives because hers was such a mess: "I'm not taking this s*** off her."

Charlotte was standing by her mother

Julie reckoned she would be able to fight for access to her grandchild who she wanted to see and started flying insults at her daughters.

But Jeremy turned the tables and told the mother: "Maybe you should look in the mirror for a damn change."

Julie couldn't deal with the arguments and told her own daughters to stay out of her life, saying to Stacy: "Don't ever contact my parter you fat ****."

After Julie stormed off and ran backstage Jeremy managed to get her daughters to follow.

Looks like the family are no longer speaking

He told Julie she was a terrible mother but that they all needed to take responsibility for their own mess.

As the show recapped over the family's falling out it was revealed Leanne no longer had contact with any member of her family, with the same for Charlotte.

Julie admitted she had gone through difficulties with her daughters and said she would always be there for them if they needed her.

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