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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Causes Of Hair Loss

Surveys say that one of the things that make
people lose their confidence is hair loss. This is
because many people cannot be confident in front
and even around with others knowing that these
people are openly staring into his or her bald spots.

Experts say that hair loss or baldness can be
inevitable to people especially if their families have
a history of it. These people—whose genes came
from older generations who are prone to hair loss—
cannot really do much about it since the condition
runs in their genes. But for those who don't have it
in their genes and still lose so much hair, now is
the time to worry.

More and more people are becoming prone to hair
loss because they don't pay much attention to the
signs and symptoms of the condition. If you think
you are prone to baldness, the first thing that you
need to check—aside from the family's history of
hair loss—is the number of strands of hair that you
lose in a day.

Although it is quite impossible to keep track to the
exact number of strands, a hundred will be
noticeable if examines closely. Experts say that
losing this amount of hair is normal because new
stands of hair are expected to grow in 12 weeks.

But if the amount is more than this, it is a must to
consider what might cause it.
The following are some of the common causes of
hair loss. Although some of which can be self-
determined, it is always best to consult an expert
because he or she can pinpoint what exactly causes
your baldness.

1. Diseases, illnesses and other medical conditions.
This is one of the most common causes of hair loss.
Diseases such as diabetes, lupus, or those that are
associated with the thyroid glands can affect the
growth and the overall production of hair in the
person's system.

2. Taking in certain medications.
The side effects of certain medications like those of
isotretinoin and lithium and other diet pills that
contain amphetamines are known to cause hair
loss especially among teens. People who are
undergoing chemotherapy sessions to treat cancer
as well as those drugs for gout, depression,
arthritis, and heart problems may trigger baldness.
In women, birth control pills may also be the culprit
for hair loss.

3. Undernourishment or poor nutrition.
People who have insufficient protein and iron in
their bodies will most likely suffer from hair loss.
This is because these two are the most important
component that strengthens the hair to make it
grow. Hair loss due to improper nutrition are more
common among women because they are the ones
who are more into fad and diets which lead to
eating disorders that cause under nutrition.

Experts say that when a person has poor nutrition,
there is not enough supply of nutrients such as
vitamin and minerals to sustain the growth of the

4. Undergoing medical treatments.
People who have to undergo medical treatments
such as chemotherapy and radiation therapies are
getting more risks in losing their hair because
these treatments can kill the hair from the roots
and may even cause a condition called "alopecia"
that can lead to permanent hair loss.

Other causes of hair loss include hormonal
changes, hair treatments and hairstyling, scalp
infection, "trichotillomania" or hair-pulling
disorder, and disruption of the hair's growth cycle.

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